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Recall of Ferrari 488 GTB for another fire risk?

2016-03-05 10:05:41
Saturday 10:29:49
March 05 2016

Recall of Ferrari 488 GTB for another fire risk?

Fuel lines and Ferraris: a fiery combination that has resulted in numerous Maranello mid-mounted engines ending up on the internet for the wrong publicity. Just recently the V8 in the latest Ferrari California T was recalled in certain affected markets and now it has been confirmed that the Ferrari 488 GTB has similar problems with the fuel lines.

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That makes logical sense remembering that the Ferrari 488 GTB employs the same 3.9-litre V8 turbo as the California T, albeit tuned to produce more power (and perhaps place additional strain on components like fuel pumps) kn the process.

Ferrari has traced the root of this problem back to one of its suppliers. According to sources, a low pressure fuel line has not been fastened correctly leading to fuel leaking in the engine compartment

Source by Redazione

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