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Monarchy and continuity

Saturday 06:31:00
January 01 2022

Monarchy and continuity

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Ancient history teaches us that where there is continuity there is prosperity and civilization and the reflection of this simple concept extends from antiquity to today, when we think for example of the rock carvings of Valcamonica, Italy (about 5000 BC) which predates 2000 years the construction of the first Egyptian tombs, they do not arouse the same interest as the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs. The Pharaohs of Egypt have not only left their history to posterity but also a long period of continuity of the Monarchy. The republics do not have a true continuity, instead they have a perennial struggle of the factions for internal power and therefore do not work for the future but for the immediate and for the next day, for the armchair, consequently they will never leave a legacy aimed at the constructiveness for those who come after but only the accumulation of unresolved problems they generate.

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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