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The idiotic and idotizing dictatorship Facebook does not have the right to censorship, intervention, judgment and punishment that it claims

Saturday 07:17:40
May 08 2021

The idiotic and idotizing dictatorship Facebook does not have the right to censorship, intervention, judgment and punishment that it claims

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With years of devious and subliminal file work on people's brains, Facebook has created a subculture by "taming" the masses at its will, a virtual whip (warning or page suspension) here, a virtual whip there and slowly, like the sheep who are afraid of taking the electric shock of the barbed wire, have channeled the flock to accept what they, arbitrarily and without any right to do it, believe to be right, according to their model and this is a serious imposition. Many people are afraid of the power of these companies, due to the fact that these communication tools have become essential for contacts with other human beings and if they take it away from you, you lose this possibility of communicating with society; it is insolation, almost prison, because it cuts an individual out of life and virtual communication that is now part of everyday life and this is an enormous power. But contemporary society is now so addicted and vidiotized that it accepts the fact that social networks like Facebook, which are only companies, can arbitrarily intervene, judge and punish, by suspending or closing the page, thus creating a de facto social exclusion according to their law, built on a model that they believe to be right but which is not and cannot be universal. The "users", now almost video-addicted to the screen and lacking only an antenna planted directly in the brain to complete the picture, passively accept the fact that to challenge the decisions of companies like Facebook, the only way is to pass from a court of justice, also because their ignorant and arrogant administration (that of Facebook), very simply does not respond to messages. But if the world were not increasingly vidiotized reaching governments levels, this situation of dictatorship by certain social networks, such as Facebook, would not be accepted and it would not be legal, because the virtual signature of acceptance of their conditions of use and their rules have no value, as it is imposed and not negotiable, or you sign or you are cut off. But more importantly, their judging, censoring and punishment are absolutely illegal wherever simple logic still exists, as no world government has delegated Facebook or other social networks to rise to a system of justice; so the logic simply says that Facebook should take you to a State court if it wants to take action against its users and not the user who has to take Facebook to court to get justice; only idiots can accept that a private company allows itself to determine what is right or wrong; only idiots can accept to be judged by a social network, because any asocial or even criminal behaviour must be judged only by a real court and it is inadmissible that it is commonly accepted that a social network can arrogate that right, because it does not have it. Furthermore, there is a general sense of resignation because Facebook and its similar companies hide behind computer algorithms, so there is the feeling of having to make a war on robots when you protest against an imposition, only that these algorithms always have a human being responsible for deciding, requesting or planning them; it is not a robot that governs the company, therefore those who represent the company and manage it at various levels remain responsible and consequently are absolutely responsible for a vast abuse of power and above all for having arrogated judicial powers that do not belong to them, even in cases, such as that of the Italian Republic, where the Police pseudo-secretly manages the site, because the fact that it is a social network of a private company does not change, indeed the abuse in these cases is greater because it is an institution that violate rights. The most ridiculous thing is that there are States and governments succubus to a situation which, being biased, affects the course of things, including politics. In my opinion, all of this is simply idiotic, inadmissible and illegal, because no nation has ever accepted that a State delegate substantially judicial power to a company like Facebook.

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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