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SURVIVAL INTERNATIONAL with "24 hours NO STOP pro Amazon Forest"



2009-12-15 22:18:35
Wednesday 00:52:48
December 16 2009

SURVIVAL INTERNATIONAL with "24 hours NO STOP pro Amazon Forest"

Updating from "24 hours No Stop for the Amazonian forest."

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With joy we receive and we communicate the entrance of a new and precious adhesion, for the " 24 hours No Stop pro Amazon Forest" Survival International takes part to this initiative.

The news of their adhesion has reached us on December 04 th 2009 at 16:30 o'clock around near the editing LSNN, through Franca Salato, one of the coordinators of this spontaneous event/ movement, generated by a thought of love of Marcia THEOPHILO, in the role of cultural advisor, poetess anthropologist, Nobel Prize Candidete for literature.

Survival is the only world organization to sustain the native people of every continent through events of mobilization of the public opinion.

Founded in 1969, following the publication of an article by Norman Lewis on the Sunday Times in which the massacres, the theft of lands and the genocide were reported in progress in the Brazilian Amazzonia, the organization worka today all over the world with the local support of 82 countries.

Franca Salato answers to Survival " it is with endless joy that we welcome the news, thanks with the Heart from all of us "

The "24 hours No Stop for the Amazonian forest" event proposes people of all over the world to give a burst to the sensitization toward one of the problems that strongly touches the heart of all the inhabitants of the planet Earth with regards to Amazzonia, one of the most important oxygene lungs of our planet.

This initiative wishes to motivate and involve people, and to legitimate more and more groups for the same cause.

There will follow further communications.


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