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When mathematics is an opinion and the ripoff is for free

Friday 04:04:23
November 06 2020

When mathematics is an opinion and the ripoff is for free

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Yet, when is math an opinion? And I'm not referring to Donald Trump who said yesterday that there was fraud in the vote count, and the first thing you think is: well then is this how you won last time? No, because he, who has done nothing but tell his voters throughout the election campaign not to vote by post, is now surprised that almost all postal votes are for the Democratic Party; did he think the Democratic postal voters would play a joke on him and vote for him? We should ask the Italians, because everyone knows how things are going there, starting from 1946 when at the end of the institutional referendum the newspaper Italia Nuova headlined: "Twenty-one million voters give 23 and a half million votes" and probably those 2 million and a half of extra voters are the same ones who have made things so well since the Italian republic was born. But let's move on to smart things, like the 1.5V Energizer Max batteries that I bought recently… I get home and they don't fit in the remote control, so the next day I buy some more, of a different brand. Halt! I forgot that today everything is done in another republic, the popular and Chinese one and in fact what happens there is that the same factory produces a product and then writes the brand of the various companies that then want to brainwash you with advertising and convince you that their product is better, in fact even the new "Chevron" batteries, which is the same brand as the old ones I have in the remote control, are ½mm longer and therefore have no other use than pollute, like their billions of little sisters; pieces that will end up thrown away. But who is the clever engineer who produced them? Perhaps he had the same family upbringing as some children of a school in Perth whose mothers, almost all, 76 out of 78, are constantly on the phone watching the internet while waiting for their children in front of the school and two of these, when their younger child who waits with them the older one, asks "mom but ...?" they get answered the typical phrase: "can't you see I'm on the phone!" Oh yes, oh yes, we can see that you are committed to emptying what little brain you have left and meanwhile the physical activity of Australian children of the new generations has dropped by 80%. But these mothers are probably the same ones who use the automatic checkouts at the supermarket, although it is well known that 18,000 job positions will be lost thanks to the introduction of the same; by using them they take job opportunities away from their own children's generation. Meanwhile, the customers of the "Crown Perth Snax", at Burswood-Perth Casino, a snack bar, say nothing when they are at the checkout to pay at a till that does not have a screen showing the total to the customers with a cashier who does not gives the receipt; yes, because when I was there the last time and I had to pay, they ask me for $18, so I ask: "but 7 + 7 is no longer 14?" so they tell that that is the menu for those who have a membership card... So it is not that these smart guys with a huge Heineken sign, ask you when you are at the checkout if you are a "member" and in that case they give you a discount as the logic suggests and how the law should enforce… Is it a bit like "legal stealing"? meaning like the operations of the white-gloved thieves who first ask people big bucks to invest in projects to help the Third World, then with complicated hopping turns, the headquarters of their company is moved in a series of Countries and the investors find themselves with a piece of paper the same weight of a piece of toilet paper but for the Australian judicial system everything is fine, because on paper it’s all legal. Toilet paper? And the proportions of this non-repayable generosity can be guessed from another data not connected with the above, which indicates that "in 2018, Australians donated $90 million to the global education fund Rihanna" ("Millionaire hot seat", 02/29/2020, Channel 9, Perth). It is plausible that these justice experts might be friends of the South Australian Australians who thought it was okay to cut 40% off a sentence "if you plead guilty within 4 weeks of the start of the trial" (ABC News, 20/10/2020, h.12.50), in fact now, after a paedophile who abused a 10-year-old child took advantage of this discount, in that State they have come to have to hold a referendum that will reduce the discount from 40% of the penalty to 25%. And if you think about the fact that "89% of crime cases in NSW result in a conviction, while 60% of paedophilia cases result in a conviction" (ABC National News, 21/08/2019 h.5.35pm), or that "Australian Federal Police confiscated 22 tons of drugs, 3%", and if that is 3%, it makes 733 tons in three years, therefore 244 tons a year in total, you understand well why many Australians with open eyes are upset and yes, I’m talking about citizens who do not take drugs or videotise themselves. Well, the list is long and apparently unstoppable but when they tell you that mathematics is an opinion, what matters is that you are not surprised if your consultant or your reference politician is a gazelle.

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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