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Coronavirus: the wizard’s games of the Australian political class

Monday 10:28:17
April 20 2020

Coronavirus: the wizard’s games of the Australian political class

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Not having simply understood that the coronavirus has not yet spread much because Australia is in the southern hemisphere and therefore this type of viruses spreads about six months after what happens in the northern hemisphere is very serious and it must be added in the calculation that the cold season is over a month and a half late, with peaks of record hot temperatures that have not been recorded for half a century! With the arrival of cold and rain, the lungs are more exposed and viruses such as coronavirus 19 attack more easily, because the virus, as any virus of this kind, "is more virulent, lives longer and spread faster in winter". But for the political class and the doormats that blindly support them without understanding, everything is fine but it would be enough to scroll through the statistics to note that Australia is even one of the worst hit countries in the southern hemisphere! (18/04/2020 But politicians, and the mass media echo, speak of the curve of infected cases that has flattened, without understanding that that is extremely influenced by those who got infected on ships thanks to air conditioning, so it is not a given purely Australian but of a given confined within cruise ships. A situation that should have been easily manageable if a swinging and undecided policy had not been adopted that also treated those tourists and crews as if they were enemies! The right thing to do would have been to disembark them all, put them in quarantine and then put them back on properly disinfected ships. Leaving them on ships, the contagion has spread and many have lost their skin ... And anyway a flat curve does not mean at all that it cannot take a wheelie.
In the meantime, the tests for several weeks were made only to those returning from abroad or to those who had been in contact with someone who has the virus ... but how does a normal person know? Maybe politicians have superpowers and going to the supermarket they can see if one has the virus? A nice gimmick which means that a lot of people with the virus and asymptomatics have gone around spreading it without knowing if they have the virus or not. Of course, the total deaths (20/04/2020) are officially only 71 but in truth the real data can only be verified in the future, when we can compare the deaths of this year with those of the previous years, because only who is did the test is declared dead for coronavirus but the uncertainties are many more.
The only serious measure of the Australian political class was the request to citizens to stay at home if their work is not essential and if they cannot do it from home, only that, as usual, there is no control, therefore: a lot of individualists, ignorant or simply stupid people go to work anyway because they get bored at home, go to relatives, friends, to run or exercise (which is allowed), children to play with their friends, who goes to the beach etc.
That is, there was no blockage but a series of mixed and confused messages that result: an attempt to reduce the contagion thwarted by the disrespectful mass of the provision and a great waste of precious time to save lives and the spread of the virus.
All helped by the fact that the average notions of hygiene in Australia are very low, so much so that Australian legislation is 30 or 40 years behind the European one for simple rules such as the use of hats and gloves for those who sell exposed food at a counter, such as bakers, delicatessens, butchers etc. This serious shortcoming, which more generally belongs to the Anglo-Saxon world, is also noted in the fact that a government advertisement to stem the coronavirus explains how to wash your hands ... In many news reports, but also in the advertisement of a dental practice, you note clearly that people have not yet understood well what social distances are ... And then, to have a clear proof of this, it is enough to see how dirty many sidewalks or houses of many Australians are. Wasn’t enough another television advertisement describes the coronavirus 19 as "a mild disease" and that social distances must be kept because it affects the elderly, so with a scarce and irresponsible, if not criminal, message that gives a reductive idea of the danger of the situation, has the answer that in supermarkets the wearer of the mask is more or less one in a hundred, while now in Italy and other European countries you can't even enter a shop if you don't have a mask. Generalized superficiality which resulted in about 1200 health workers and their close family contacts put in isolation after more than 40 tested positive in two hospitals in northwest Tasmania. But both Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Brad Hazzard, the NSW Minister of Health and Medical Research, a gassed type, periodically, perhaps to discharge their responsibilities, refer to "medical experts" but this simply makes you laugh when you think that these "experts" are evidently the same ones who, when social distances were introduced, gave the OK to hairdressers who could stay open ... and that in Western Australia they still are, together with other commercial activities evidently considered "essential" such as: porn shops, musical instrument stores and newsagents ... Jokes that don't make people laugh but that dimension well the level of lack of understanding of the seriousness of the situation by the political and managerial class, the same that has allowed hundreds of people in quarantine came down from a ship in Sydney, two days before the same quarantine ended, with the simple and tragic result of the many deaths that could be avoided.
Often Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other politicians continue to propagate a simply false situation, that is, they claim that the number of tests done in Australia is very high compared to other nations, one of the first in the world but the figure should be seen not in number but in percentage to the population. And to verify this further colossal bulldust, just know that before Australia there are (in scattered order) "only": Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Ireland, Israel, UAE, Singapore, Qatar, Luxembourg, Iceland, Bahrain, Estonia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Andorra, Latvia, Channel Islands, San Marino, Malta, Isle of Man, Faroe Islands, Brunei, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Falkland Islands, Greenland. (17/04/2020
So what is passed off as a record is actually a thirty-third position ...
Although the federal government has done a good job to parry the economic situation, it has had and has a mediocre response in understanding the dynamics needed to defend the Nation from a crisis like this, exactly as happened with the equally disastrous response given to the bushfires of a few months ago, and this means that potentially Australia can still be extremely violently affected by this killer virus and this will start, as anticipated, as soon as it starts to get cold, because at that moment the immune barriers will lower and who already has or will have taken the virus, will start to feel bad, to spread it and eventually to die, so the virus will multiply exponentially. State governments have applied different rules to each other and madness has it that Western Australia and Queensland already want to reopen schools ...
What is certain is that the federal government has failed to provide the nation with the leadership it needs in this time of crisis. The solution remains the same: a total closure and without exceptions, with severe penalties for those who do not respect it, because the higher the precautionary measures, the lower the risks of contagion, it is simple but you must understand it.

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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